Vivid Colour
Vivid Colour
The Vivid colour printing process enables us to reproduce image quality much closer in look and feel to that of an RGB image.

The combination of hi screen ruling and expanded colour gamut printing, ensures that images are reproduced as closely as possible to the original, with very fine detail and super bright colours.

We start out with Adobe RGB 1998 image files, which are processed at each stage of the graphic reproduction cycle adhering to tight tolerances and stringent quality control. This combines to ensure consistent and far superior image reproduction.

Vivid colour enhances image print quality on all types of paper and the results on both coated and uncoated are stunning.

Vivid colour by Boss Print will change the way you see Print.


Vivid colour offers a much truer printed result and is perfect for photography & fine art reproduction. It is also ideal for hi end retail markets or for any print product that wants to show and hold super fine detail and benefit from an expanded colour gamut, reproducing colours not previously possible.

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In 'The Act', acclaimed fine-art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten portrays the lives and skills of women who voluntarily engage in the UK sex industry as their career. All of them chose a markedly different path in life to the usual one, wittingly challenging social stigma. Julia investigated why this is with imagery and videoed interviews.
Following a year of castings, Julia narrowed her choice of models down to fifteen, some of which were well educated with university degrees. Among them are aerial artistes, a ping-pong girl, a dominatrix, an escort, and webcam & porn stars. She photographed her nude models provocatively posed against a backdrop of specially designed stage sets, highlighting 'their act'.
Julia's book contains powerful imagery in her unique style and in exquisite colour, beautifully designed by Studio Sutherl&, produced and printed using Vivid Colour ™ by Boss Print.

NB. Images below are unretouched photos of the printed pages in the book, not originals!
As you can see we produce an eclectic mix of products and finishes. Pictures can show you so much, but only engage one of our human senses. A printed piece can do so much more...
To awaken your senses to this wonderful and resourceful process, please get in touch with us. We would love to show you, in living detail, the wonderful products we have the pleasure of producing.
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We have recently been awoken to a wonderful world of creative imagery, a visual pallet that evolves and changes by the hour with the minimum of human interaction.

At the back of our factory in West London is a large green barrel. Its purpose is to store waste ink products for later recycling. The process of adding waste ink to this barrel creates an ever-changing eclectic mix of form and colour.

These images are captured by a budding Artist and Photographer named Inksy. Please check out the gallery showing various (Art Lives) images and see what you can see.

Art Lives images are Organically created using Soya based Ink as part of a rigorous recycling program.
We are actively committed to producing work to the highest quality whilst having the minimum impact on the environment. We operate using state of the art equipment, which enables us to produce work very efficiently. Efficiency saves on raw materials and consumables as we are using less of both to produce your work.

We use vegetable oil based inks and can achieve fantastic printed results onto a wide range of recycled material. All chemicals and consumables used are collected by an industry leading recycling and waste management business where the waste is recycled and therefore re-used rather than just disposed of. Our factory is heated from the excess energy produced from the equipment and lighting used in day to day production.

We are very serious about the effects our business has on the environment and are always looking for new ways to reduce the impact upon it.
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